Estrada Non-Profit Scholarship for PLC

Erik Estrada, a CU Boulder and PLC alumnus, has dedicated his professional career to the non-profit sector and educating others how to succeed in similar work. This scholarship honors Estrada’s work and his desire to financially help a PLC student who is also passionate about non-profit work and will pursue the non-profit sector as a professional path. Erik Estrada has expanded the scholarship for funding in Spring 2022. One award of $2000 will be focused on students involved in and pursuing non-profit work, the second award for $2000 will be for a student with a similar single-parent background as Estrada. Estrada wants to honor his past and that of other PLCers like him, and award a student for the resilience, grit and perserverence to dedicate themselves to academic excellence and the pursuit of higher education despite the disadvantages presented to them in a single-parent household.

Anticipated Total

Anticipated total amount over the full term of this award.


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Supplemental Questions
  1. Please indicate which award you are applying for: Non-profit involvement OR Single-parent upbringing
  2. Non-Profit: Please describe your past experience with the non-profit sector and how it has impacted your current career aspirations.
  3. Non-Profit: Please describe your non-profit career objectives at this time and what concrete steps you have or will take to achieve these goals.
  4. Single-parent Upbringing: Please explain how your single-parent has impacted your outlook on life, leadership, academics, career, etc.
  5. Single-parent Upbringing: What piece of advice do you want to "pay forward" to any student out there who is being raised by a single-parent? Please explain.
  6. Why should you be chosen to receive this scholarship amongst your PLC peers? What makes you the best candidate?
  7. Please describe your on-campus and off-campus involvement and leadership, highlighting achievements and contributions made by you to the organization(s). Please tie examples to your current resume or CV.
  8. Please upload your updated/current resume or CV (pdf only)
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