ACE Jewish Arts Grants

Graduate ACE Jewish Arts Grant

In partnership with ACE: Arts, Culture and Education, the arts and culture producer at the Boulder Jewish Community Center, the Graduate ACE Jewish Arts Grant supports graduate students in Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder as they produce creative works. These can be projects toward a MFA or class-based projects that involve a primarily creative endeavor. This opportunity is open to students from all academic disciplines. Past recipients have produced paintings, a Yiddish play, a haggadah, and silkscreen t-shirts. *Grants are paid out as reimbursements for project materials upon submission of receipts by student recipient after completion of project.

Schools, Colleges, Departments
College of Arts & Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a copy of your CV or resume.
  2. Please describe your proposed project, how it relates to Jewish Studies, and how it supports your studies at CU Boulder. (500 word maximum)
  3. Please upload an estimated budget (including expenses and revenues) and the total financial request. In this budget, you must include information on additional funding sources applied for or pending.