PLC Enrichment Fund Scholarship

PLC Enrichment Fund (W. Douglas Endowment) scholarships are awarded to PLC students based on merit and experience based needs. Rising sophomores, current sophomores, current juniors, and first semester seniors can apply for funding every semester (fall and spring).

Students can apply for scholarships of up to $1000/semester. Enrichment funding amounts and numbers awarded vary by available resources and the number of applications received. Awards cannot be allocated as cash/check, nor distributed during the summer except for Maymester and Summer Term tuition purposes (enrollment must be at CU). The PLC Enrichment Fund scholarships are awarded to PLC students based on the criteria listed below:

  • Quality and effort of application
  • Good academic standing based on the PLC Academic Code. (> 3.0 GPA).
  • Demonstrated commitment to and continuous involvement in the PLC program and community.
  • Opportunity fulfills requirements for PLC and/or fills requirements for LSM
  • Amount available in fund and number of requests made.

Between $0 - $1000
Presidents Leadership Class
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please check the box of the category for which you are applying for funding.
  2. Please check the box for the amount of Enrichment Fund Scholarship you are applying for:
  3. For Course-Funding requests, please indicate the course you will enroll into next semester:
  4. For all Non-Course Funding requests, please provide a paragraph summary of the global leadership experience, or academic/leadership conference, or ALE experience you are pursuing and requesting financial assistance.
  5. For all Non-Course Funding requests, please provide a budget breakdown for the amount of funding for which you are applying. This budget must include line items for all costs that you will incur in this experience in detail.
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