Oscar R. Sanchez, AIAS Scholarship

The Oscar R. Sanchez Scholarship was founded in 2009 to introduce underserved students in the local metropolitan community of Denver to the art and profession of architecture. The award opens the opportunity to learn about architecture by fostering a love of exploring architecture and culture by directly introducing the recipient to the architectural profession. The goal of the scholarship is to help increase the odds for achievement by providing opportunities to establish connections within the profession. It is awarded based on performance, disadvantaged status and demonstrated financial need.

The scholarship is named in honor of Oscar Sanchez, an immigrant from Mexico and first in his family to attend college, who grew up and practiced architecture in Colorado after receiving his Bachelor and Master degrees of Architecture from Yale University. Mr. Sanchez was highly regarded for his passion for practicing architecture at its highest level, his cultural and community contributions through the AIA and other organizations, and for sharing his passion for architecture with children and young adults as a teacher and mentor.

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