Presidents Leadership Class (PLC) Scholarship

The Presidents Leadership Class (PLC) four-year program and scholarship for entering freshmen with a strong academic record, leadership initiative, depth of commitment to their interests, and a desire to better their community. PLC is a prestigious leadership development program for students from any college or major. PLC prepares students for the challenges of our rapidly changing world by cultivating academic and professional excellence, critical thinking, creative problem solving, ethical reasoning, thoughtful implementation, and community impact. Upon acceptance, scholars earn a one-year, $1000 scholarship. After their first year in the program, other scholarships available to PLC students only, become available for financial assistance.

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Presidents Leadership Class
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide one "High School Profile / Student Profile" by entering the full name and email address of your high school counselor.
  2. Please provide one current instructor, teacher, professor, coach, supervisor, mentor, director, etc. recommendation by entering their full name and email address.
  3. How did you hear about the Presidents Leadership Class at CU Boulder?
  4. Please tell us your favorite childhood book and why. What lessons do you carry from the book that impact your life today?
  5. Choose one word to describe yourself as seen through the eyes of a peer, teacher, or family member. What would that word be and why do you think this individual choose that specific word? Do you agree with their perception of you?
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