Norlin Rising Junior Scholars (for second-year college students)

The Norlin Rising Junior Two Year Scholars Program is for students who show strong academic commitment, exceptional creativity, intellectual curiosity and a desire to apply disciplinary learning toward the betterment of humanity. The scholarship is open to students who will be in their third year of college with at least junior standing in 2019-20 (includes CU students or transfers).

Norlin Scholars
Supplemental Questions
  1. How many semesters of college will you have completed by the start of next fall?
  2. The Norlin Scholars community provides much more than a financial award. In addition to nurturing your intellectual capacities, we honor joy, play, empathy, humor, compassion, spirit, curiosity, and creativity as essential elements of knowing, learning, relating and being. Using these values and priorities as a guide, tell us how you see one or more of these values, as well as one or more of our program components, supporting your growth on the scholar's path . (500 word limit)
  3. Tell us about a local, regional, national or international issue you became aware of either in high school or your first couple years of college that provoked you to get involved. What did you do? What did you learn (or what are you continuing to learn) as a result of the experience? (500 word limit)
  4. Name the most intriguing question you have related to your proposed field of study. What generated this interest? Where might you go with it? If you're unsure, choose an area of current interest that might turn into a college major and tell us about your curiosity related to that interest. (350 word limit)