Beverly Sears Graduate Student Research Grant

Beverly Sears Graduate Student Grants and Cynthia H. Schultz Small Grants are competitive awards sponsored by the Graduate School that support the research, scholarship and creative work of graduate students from all departments. The majority of funding for these grants is provided by private donations. Grants are for either $1,000 or $5,000. If you apply for a $5,000 grant you must provide a budget that fully justifies the request. The deadline for receipt of all materials is October 24, 2018.

$1,000 or $5,000
Graduate School
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please enter your proposal title.
  2. Please select the category most appropriate for your proposal from this list.
  3. Please upload a pdf of your complete proposal including: a single-spaced 2 page description of the project (written in language a non-expert can understand at size 11 font or higher) with any necessary figures and tables; a reference/bibliography page listing citations of the work of other scholars found in your project description; an itemized budget explaining the expenses for which you are requesting funds, quoting specific prices, equipment, etc. Please include information regarding any other sources of funding for your project. Finally, include a copy of your transcript.
  4. Request a confidential letter of support from your advisor or from another faculty member who is familiar with your work by providing his/her name and e-mail.
  5. Research Involving Human or Animal Subjects: If your project involves human or animal subjects, please upload that information here. All proposals that involve the use of human subjects or animals must be approved by the appropriate committee before an award can be made. Students whose human research has been approved must include their IRB protocol number.
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