Benson Center Undergraduate Fellows Program Scholarship

The Benson Center is pleased to announce the launch of the Benson Center Undergraduate Fellows Program. The program aims to build a community of undergraduate students interested in participating in good-faith dialogs about various timely topics and who desire to learn more about the moral, economic, and political questions of our time. Students in the program have historically come from many different backgrounds and majors, which contributes to the diversity and experience of the fellows. Neither the Undergrad Fellows Program, nor the Center, have a political affiliation or viewpoint to promote; rather, the fellows program is an extension of the Center’s mission to maintain a wide range of political, economic and philosophical perspectives at CU Boulder. Financial support for the Undergraduate Fellows Program is generously provided by the Tina Snider Foundation and John J. Wehman Scholarship Fund.

The Benson Center is now accepting applications for the Benson Center Undergraduate Fellows Program for the next academic year.

Applicants should be interested in the mission of the Center and be prepared to commit to at least three Center-sponsored events during the academic year. In order to qualify for the spring stipend, students should attend at least two Center events in the fall semester. The purpose of the Fellowship Program is for students to engage with one another, CU faculty, and visiting lecturers, academics, and business leaders in a way they may not necessarily have in a traditional academic setting. Student participation is therefore vital to the success and continuation of the program. In this spirit, in-person attendance is preferred for undergraduate fellows. The Center recognizes and supports the academic pursuits of undergraduate students, and we ask that students who are unable to meet this requirement in the fall semester reach out to Center staff to make alternative arrangements.

Students who participate in the program will receive a $3,000 scholarship, with $1,500 awarded in the fall semester and $1,500 awarded in the spring semester provided students actively participate in Center events as described above. In addition to the stipend, Undergraduate Fellows will be given priority for student grants such as the Internship and Language Study Grants, financial support for CU in DC internships, and are welcome to submit individual grant requests to support research and other academic pursuits. Undergraduate Fellows can take advantage of other privileges offered by the Center, such as participating in discussions with visiting scholars, advance notice of student-focused events, and the ability to reserve space in the Center for academic purposes.

Undergraduate fellowships can be renewed, but students must apply each year in order to be eligible. Students must be enrolled in classes in order to receive the scholarship. Students graduating in the fall term are welcome to apply for a one-semester fellowship and will receive $1,500. Incoming first-year and incoming transfer students are welcome to apply!

Interested applicants should apply by the posted deadline. Please direct questions to

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please explain why you are interested in the Benson Center Fellows program. Specifically, how will you help the Center in fostering an environment of serious intellectual inquiry for students who desire to learn more about the moral, economic, and political questions of our time? (300 word limit)
  2. We are interested in understanding student interest and desired level of engagement. To that end, what kind of events are you most interested in? Choose all that apply.
  3. Previous Benson Center engagement
    • Have you applied to be a Benson Center Undergraduate Fellow previously?
    • Have you previously engaged with the Center? This can include attending Center events, enrolling in VSCTP courses, etc. If so, please share with the committee what events you attended and what you most enjoyed about the experience.
  4. How did you hear about the fellowship program?