CHFA Building the Future Scholarship Fund at CU Boulder

The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA)’s mission is to strengthen Colorado by investing in affordable housing and community development. CHFA offers financial resources to strengthen homeownership, affordable rental housing, and businesses. CHFA’s work revitalizes neighborhoods and creates jobs with the belief that everyone in Colorado should have the opportunity for housing stability and economic prosperity. This fund will be used to provide scholarship awards for students in the CU Engage Multicultural Leadership Scholars Program in the School of Education who have demonstrated financial need and who are working towards their Leadership Studies Minor who are committed to completing the minor. Scholarships will be awarded for one academic year and recipients are encouraged to reapply each year.

Schools, Colleges, Departments
School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently employed at one or more jobs, on- or off-campus?
  2. If you are employed, what is the total number of hours that you work per week on average across all jobs?
  3. If you are employed, please list your employers and positions here. (example: Chemistry Department, research assistant)
  4. Are you, or do you plan to be, enrolled in the Leadership Studies Minor?
  5. What courses have you taken towards the Leadership Studies Major? Please list the course name and the semester it was completed.
  6. What is your plan for the remaining coursework in the Leadership Studies Minor? (i.e. when do you plan to take the remaining courses, when do you anticipate the minor being completed)
  7. Is there anything about your financial situation and/or ability to pay your tuition, fees, and living expenses that we wouldn't know by looking at your FAFSA and existing financial aid? If yes, tell us about those here.
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