Jovanovich Imaginative Writing Competition

The Creative Writing Program Announces the Jovanovich Imaginative Writing Awards Competition. The Jovanovich prize is an annual award for excellence in poetry, fiction, playwriting, or nonfiction prose. Awards to be applied to student tuition.

◻ Applicants must be currently enrolled on the Boulder campus as full-time students. Good academic standing is required.
◻ Applicants must currently be either a junior or a senior, graduating no earlier than the spring of the next academic year (one year after the award cycle in which they submitted an application).
◻ Applicants must either have a declared major in the English Department (Literature or Creative Writing track) or have taken/be enrolled in a creative writing course in the current academic year.

Submission Requirements:
◻ One (only) of the following: three poems, one short story, a piece of creative non- fiction, or a segment of a stage or screenplay.
◻ All creative works must be titled and formatted as they would appear in publication.
◻ No extraneous marks, grades, names or other identifying information should be included.
◻ Insert a header with the name of the award in the upper right corner of each page.
◻ Insert page numbers (e.g., page 1 of 5) in the lower right corner of each page.
◻ Save your submission as a PDF titled: YourLastName_Jovanovich

Schools, Colleges, Departments
College of Arts & Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently either a junior or senior?
  2. Is your expected graduation date SPRING 2023 or later?
  3. Have you declared an English Major, or have you taken/are currently enrolled in a creative writing course?
  4. Submit a creative writing sample, titled and formatted as they would appear in publication.