Norlin Rising Junior Scholars (for second-year college students)

The Norlin Scholars Rising Juniors Program is for creative and curious students from all majors interested in developing their whole selves in a supportive learning community. Ideal applicants are interested in self-reflection and growth through integrative learning and collaboration. They’ll have an interest in the ways interdisciplinary work informs problem-solving as well as a desire to apply their learning toward the betterment of humanity. The two-year scholarship is open to students who will be in their third year of college with at least junior standing in the upcoming academic year (includes CU students or transfers). The application opens on November 15.

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Norlin Scholars
Supplemental Questions
  1. How many semesters of college will you have completed by the start of next fall?
  2. The Norlin Scholars community provides much more than a financial award and we’d like to know how this community speaks to you. Before you answer these questions, please look in depth at our website: As you answer, avoid directly quoting from the site. Instead show us your authentic self and voice.
    • 1. Talk about some of the values you hold in common with the Norlin Scholars community. Tell us how those values have brought you to the point of going to college, how they make you a better student and Norlin community member. A successful response will review and engage meaningfully with Norlin program components* and the scholar’s path.* (500-word limit)
    • 2. What’s the most interesting idea or compelling need you’ve identified that could connect to your intended major or academic interests? What got you interested and what questions do you have about this idea or issue? (500-word limit)