Leticia R. and Michael J. Tomczak Memorial Scholarship

The Tomczak Memorial Scholarship is for undergraduate students who have experienced loss. Recipients must submit an essay on how their loss has affected them and must demonstrate financial need. The scholarship was created by a CU Boulder alum, John Michael Tomczak, in loving memory of his parents. John Michael sadly lost his mother while a student at CU and was left to help his father run the family business while finishing a double degree in broadcast journalism and evolutionary biology. It became the toughest period of his life and he seeks to support other students who have overcome unspeakable loss and grief to attend the university, as a way to honor his parents’ legacy.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Discuss a personal loss that you've experienced and how that death has affected you and your future plans.
  2. Expected semester and year of graduation (e.g. Spring 2022):