Sharer Scholars Program for Transfer Students

The Sharer Scholars scholarship is awarded to newly admitted resident transfer students who are transferring to CU Boulder from a Colorado college or university (preference to students transferring from a community college) and plan to graduate within two years. Students must demonstrate high financial need, have a strong GPA demonstrating academic potential, and be goal oriented with a definitive career plan. The scholarship is $8000 per year, for up to two years total.

The scholarship donors believe transfer students with grit, talent, motivation and drive can succeed at CU Boulder and that financial need should not be a barrier to success. The Sharer Scholars Program for Transfer Students will provide talented students with the financial, social and emotional support needed to successfully complete their degrees and prepare for careers after graduation. Recipients will be required to participate in a one credit “Transfer Success Seminar” in their first semester (Tuesdays 11:00 – 11:50am) and provide feedback during periodic meetings about the program. Second-year Sharer Scholars agree to become mentors to first-year Sharer Scholars.

In addition to submitting the Sharers Scholars program application, students must also submit either the FAFSA or CASFA by the same deadline date of June 15.

$8000 per year
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe how you have overcome personal obstacles and how this has strengthened and/or influenced your resolve to pursue your educational goals. (500 word limit)
  2. How do you plan to benefit society with your degree? (500 word limit)
  3. Educational background (list most recent first)
    • Dates attended
    • Institution attended
    • Number of transferable credit hours
  4. The Sharer Scholarship for Transfer Students focuses on students transferring in their junior year who have a plan to graduate within two years. Describe your plan to complete your degree within this timeframe.