Ruth Murray Underhill Award

The Denver Woman’s Press Club is once again offering the Ruth Murray Underhill Scholarship. Established in 1985, this fellowship provides support to a graduate student in the University of Colorado Boulder Creative Writing Program who identifies as female.
The scholarship winner will be notified once the decision has been made. The scholarship recipient will be expected to write a note of thanks to the donor, as well as a short paragraph about interests, classes and writing, one semester after receiving the award. Award winners are also invited to attend a reception during the summer, and may also participate in the organization’s events free of charge throughout the 2022/2023 year. If the winner graduates before spring 2023, all or part of the award will be forfeited.
One (1) fellowship in the amount of $TBD will be given to a qualified MFA student. Funds are applied directly to tuition during the 2022/2023 academic year.

• Graduate student in the MFA – Creative Writing program who identifies as female
• Good standing in the program with satisfactory degree progress
• Applicants must have a graduation date no earlier than May 2022

Submission Guidelines
Applicants must submit the following:
• A manuscript of 25 pages or less.
• Manuscripts must have no extraneous comments, marks, or grades on it. The manuscript should not contain the applicant’s name.
• Cover sheet with applicant name, student ID number, and manuscript title.

Schools, Colleges, Departments
College of Arts & Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit a manuscript of 25 pages or less.