Scholarship in Experiential Education (SEED) in International Affairs

The Scholarship in Experiential Education (SEED) provides support to students participating in the Off-Campus Experience major requirement in International Affairs. International Affairs majors may receive SEED awards of up to $500, based on merit or need, in order to support the Off-Campus Experience. Additional awards may be available for students participating in IAFS Global Seminars.

International Affairs majors are eligible for a SEED scholarship award based on the following criteria:

If you are an International Affairs major and meet any of the eligibility criteria above, you will be invited to apply for this scholarship award.

Up to $500
Schools, Colleges, Departments
College of Arts & Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your proposed internship, honors thesis title/topic, or global seminar?
  2. How does your internship, honors thesis topic, or global seminar relate to your academic, personal, or future career interests?
  3. Please include a brief proposal providing evidence of funding needs related to your internship, thesis research and writing, or global seminar.