Stewart Family Foundation Scholarship

The Stewart Family Foundation was created with proceeds from the estates of Bill and Lila Stewart; the Foundation established this scholarship in 2020 in in honor of Bill and Lila’s careers in media and in memory of Bill, Lila and their daughter, Linda Stewart Stennette. This scholarship endowment provides awards for students enrolled in CMCI.
From 1959 to 1998, Lila and Bill Stewart owned and operated Longmont, Colorado’s KLMO radio station. Until retiring in 1987, Lila hosted a two-hour talk show called “Happy Talk,” which covered women’s issues and shared housekeeping tips and recipes. During their tenure at KLMO, the Stewarts increased its broadcast power so that programming reached beyond northern Colorado into parts of Nebraska and Wyoming.
Prior to moving to Longmont, Bill worked at radios stations in Colby, Denver, Pueblo and Greeley, Colorado. In 2000, he was inducted into the Broadcast Professionals of Colorado’s hall of fame. He passed away in 2012. Lila was a member of the board of directors of the American Women in Radio and Television and founded the Longmont chapter of the American Business Women Association. Lila passed away in 2018. The Stewarts’ daughter, Linda, graduated from CU Boulder in 1975 with a degree in psychology. She passed away in 2009.
Please send thank you letters to the following individuals who were associated with the Stewart Family Foundation and were instrumental in getting this scholarship established:
Ms. Jan Angel, Stewart Family Foundation board member
Mr. Jim Newcomb, Stewart Family Foundation board member
Ms. Linda Snyder Crockett, Stewart Family Foundation board member
Mr. George Baskos (Jour’63, MPubAd’69, MEduc’79), Stewart family friend

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