Dick Shahan Graduate Fellowships Fund

The Dick Shahan Graduate Fellowship is awarded to an English Department graduate student to assist in completing his or her graduate program/degree. Funds may be used to cover expenses associated with pursuing a creative project and/or conducting research (for example, travel to an archival location). Fellowships are offered to students in one of four specific graduate student groups, alternating each year: 1) PhD students who have completed everything but the dissertation; 2) PhD students in the first 1-3 years of the program; 3) MFA students; and 4) MA students. One $1,000 fellowship will be awarded. The awards will be distributed and applied to the student’s fall 2021 tuition bill. This year, the fellowship will be awarded to an MA student.

The scholarship winners will be notified once the decision has been made. The scholarship recipients will be expected to write a note of thanks to the donor, as well as a short paragraph about interests, classes and writing, one semester after receiving the award.

• Applicants must be MA students.

Submission Guidelines
• Submit a summary paragraph about your creative work/project
• Submit a paragraph about what you hope to accomplish

Schools, Colleges, Departments
College of Arts & Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. In one PDF, submit a summary paragraph about your creative work/project and submit a paragraph about what you hope to accomplish.